Raised in between the york river and a cornfield in gloucester county va. I never liked coloring books, so my neighbors were nice enough to supply me with paper. I covered the paper with images of dinosaurs, space men, Yetis and wars between them. In church i would illustrate Bible stories on the church bulletin, usually the ones from revelations. I changed styles and focus many times before 2003. On good friday 2003 I was revealed a forgotten memory that i was ambidextrous. As a child i didnt discriminate in using either hand to create with, In school i was forced to use my right hand & taught 'how to hold a pencil'... 22 years later i realized i always knew how to use a pencil with either hand. 2003 I started writing with both hands simultaneously as well as making some drawings. With my rediscovered skill I restarted my goals on painting, using repeating patterns woven into organic geometry to illustrate the mystical and metaphysical forces at work in this universe. My pieces range in inspiration from biblical tales, myths, legends & my own unique experience as a passenger on planet earth.

Email Roman: alienbrain2012@yahoo.com